A/B Testing & Optimization for Nonprofits

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The most innovative nonprofits, marketers, and fundraisers do not rely on best practices to dictate how their emails look, what to say on their donation pages, or how to design their advertising.

Instead, these innovators are relying on a scientific methodology to figure out what works and what doesn’t to improve key marketing metrics, reach fundraising goals, and grow online revenue.

A/B testing and optimization is the only methodology that will lead you to reliable learnings and significant growth over and over again.

In this free course, we’re going to pull back the curtain and show exactly how you can run a/b tests on your own using tools that are readily available to you.

Here’s what you’ll learn…


What You Will Learn in the A/B Testing Course

Session 1


An introduction to a/b testing, why it’s important, and how much power it has to transform your digital marketing, online fundraising, and nonprofit organizations as a whole.

Key Questions

  • Why is a/b testing important?
  • Is it really worth the investment?
  • Do a/b tests ever contradict my own intuition?
  • What kinds of outcomes can I realistically expect for my own marketing and fundraising?

Session 2

The Underlying Premise

This session will show you the driving force that will help your a/b testing make the greatest possible impact, and get others to care about the work you’re doing.

Key Outcomes

  • Learn what key goals and outcomes you can test for
  • Find out what the single most important metric is to test for
  • Understand the importance of tracking the right metrics throughout you’re a/b testing

Session 3

Creating a Challenger

The challenger (or treatment) is your new design or variation that you want to test. In this session, you’ll learn how to create a challenger that will lead to valid and reliable learnings and results.

Key Outcomes

  • Learn how to craft the underlying hypothesis for your a/b test
  • See how your hypothesis shapes what variables you can change
  • Create a challenger that aligns with your hypothesis and answers your research question
  • Know what changes to your challenger could hinder your results and learnings

Session 4

How to Set Up Your Test

In this session, we’ll get into the nitty gritty of how to actually set up your online fundraising or digital marketing experiment. We’ll look at how to set up an a/b test in two different tools: Google Optimize and Mailchimp.

Key Outcomes

  • Know how set up an experiment on your website
  • Know how to make sure your new experiment is being tracked properly
  • Understand the core mechanics of running an a/b test in your email marketing and fundraising
  • See how to measure the right metrics to track your email a/b test results

Session 5

Making Sure Your Test is Valid

How do you know that you can trust the results of your a/b test? If you can’t trust your results, then you’re basically back at square one. In this session, we’ll look at common validity threats and see how to make sure your results are reliable.

Key Outcomes

  • Understand common validity threats that can skew your results
  • Know how to prevent these come threats from interfering with you’re a/b test
  • See exactly how long you need to run your experiments
  • Measure how many visitors and results you’ll need before declaring a test ‘complete’

Session 6

What Should You Test First?

You can test literally anything. But not everything is going to make an impact on your results. In this session, you’ll see some of the most common areas that other fundraisers and marketers are seeing major increases through testing & optimization.

Key Outcomes

  • See how your value proposition affects clicks, email acquisition, and donations
  • Learn how reducing friction can improve your visitors experience, and make a difference in your results
  • Know what common design elements are improving results, and which ones are hurting

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