Email Fundraising Optimization

How to Write and Design Better Email Fundraising Campaigns

“How do I get better results from my email appeals?”

When you type that question into a google search, the top results are all traditional “best practices” that 218 email fundraising experiments have shown can actually hurt your fundraising. A few of these ideas include:

  • Write less copy
  • Use images to set the tone
  • Embed a short video teaser
  • Brand your emails with logos and hashtags

So why do these practices keep getting shared and repeated over and over? It’s because the people advocating for them are operating on a gut-feeling, taking cues from for-profit strategies, or looking at increasing clicks rather than donations.

In this 6-session online course, you’ll find tested and proven strategies based on real email fundraising campaigns that are helping organizations see significant increases in donations, not just opens and clicks.

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