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Turning Facebook Likes Into Donors

Turn Facebook Into a Sustainable Source of New Donors With This Free Online Course

Fundraisers and marketers have been trying to crack the code of Facebook fundraising for years. But even the most creative and thoroughly planned campaigns often fail to acquire any significant number of donors or revenue.

Over the past 5 years, we’ve tested and proven a new methodology that approaches Facebook fundraising differently, understanding that people go online to get, not to give.

Time and time again, this 4-step methodology has helped countless organizations turn Facebook into one of their most reliable and sustainable sources of new donors.

What You’ll Learn From this Free Course

In this free online course, you’ll learn this 4-step methodology, as well as all of the online fundraising skills and mechanics you need to launch and optimize a successful Facebook fundraising campaign.

Over the course of 11 sessions, we’ll cover topics including:

    • Creating an enticing content offer
    • Developing effective landing pages
    • Crafting high-converting donation pages
    • Measuring and optimizing the right metrics

Best of all, every single recommendation in this free online course is backed up by data and research from over 300 online fundraising experiments. These aren’t new best practices, these are proven strategies that you can test and apply to grow your online revenue.

Turn Facebook into an effective fundraising channel by registering for the free online course below.