Year-End Fundraising for Online Fundraisers

The year-end season is the most critical giving season for nearly every nonprofit organization. Over the course of 31 days, many organization will bring in 30% or more of their annual online revenue with up to 46% of that coming in during the last week of December alone.

With so much on the line, how do you create an online year-end fundraising campaign that reaches the right donors, at the right time, with the right message – and brings in donations?

During this free 4-session course, you’ll learn all of the essential ingredients needed for a successful campaign, as well as ideas on how to optimize each part based on data, research, and learnings from over 1000 online fundraising experiments. You’ll also find:

  • A campaign timeline of what emails to send, and when to send them
  • Real case studies illustrating how to optimize each individual email
  • Strategies to use on your website to convert more donors
  • Ideas to test on your donation page to help more donors say “Yes”


What You Will Learn in This Course

Session 1


An introduction to how important year-end fundraising is, how much potential it has for your organization, and the 4 essential ingredient to any successful year-end fundraising campaign.

Key Outcomes

  • The key to ensuring your message is seen and heard
  • How to best use a matching gift challenge
  • How to raise more funds without a matching gift challenge
  • How to use free content to lead to a year-end donation

Session 2

The Campaign Timeline

An outline of 11 different email you can send during the year-end season, showing you when to send them and how to make each one relevant.

Key Outcomes

  • 11 different types of emails you can use to reach your donors
  • How to use cultivation emails to prime your donors for a future email appeal
  • When you should not ask for a donation in an email
  • How to use relevancy to send more high quality emails

Session 3

Year-End Email Optimization

A look at real case-studies and email fundraising experiments to show you how to craft each of your year-end emails to get more opens and clicks that lead to donations and revenue.

Key Outcomes

  • 3 proven strategies to get more donations from year-end emails
  • 9 field tested year-end email fundraising tactics
  • How to get almost any donor to give your year-end email a chance

Session 4

Supporting Your Appeals on Your Website

An overview of different strategies, tactics, and tools you can use on your website to convert more of your traffic into donations – all based on testing and research.

Key Outcomes

  • The key differences between your general donation page and a year-end donation page
  • How to use pop-ups on your site to capture leads and convert more year-end donors
  • How to support your email campaign with advertising

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