What to Expect in the Course

Google Analytics for Nonprofits | Certification Course

One of the most common problems that nonprofit fundraisers – and marketers in general – face is that they don't know what channels are actually leading to positive results. 

Now, the tools to get this critical data and insight into your fundraising performance have never been more readily available than they are today. The challenge is making sure your analytics are set up properly, and that you know where to look to get the answers you need to grow.

Chris Mercer, a Google Analytics wizard and founder of MeasurementMarketing.io, is going to help you solve this problem. During this course, he's going to:

  • Help you make sure Google Analytics is set up to track your online fundraising and marketing properly
  • Give you a framework for how to view your data and find answers to your questions
  • Teach you to navigate Google Analytics and utilize reports that are most relevant to you as a nonprofit fundraiser and marketer.

Plus, this course is split out into mini sessions. If you need to go back to get a refresher on a particular report or idea, you can find it with ease.

Review the course syllabus below to see exactly what you can expect in this certification course on Google Analytics for Nonprofits.

Course Syllabus

  • 1

    Welcome to the course! (25min)

    • Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Fundraising and Marketing

    • Your Introduction to Google Analytics Basics

  • 2

    Getting to Know Google Analytics (1hr 27min)

    • Exploring Reports

    • Exploring Admin Settings

    • Exploring Realtime Reports

    • Exploring Audience Reports

    • Exploring Acquisition Reports

    • Exploring Behavior Reports

    • Exploring Conversion Reports

  • 3

    Preparing Google Analytics (1hr 31min)

    • Installing Google Analytics

    • Preparing Your Account

    • Preparing Your Property

    • Preparing Your Views - The Basics

    • Preparing Your Views - Adding Filters

    • Preparing Your Views - Ecommerce

  • 4

    Measuring Your Traffic (1hr 5min)

    • How Google Analytics Measures Traffic

    • Customizing Traffic Sources - Part 1

    • Customizing Traffic Sources - Part 2

    • Fixing Traffic Wrecks

  • 5

    Measuring Your Results (1hr 48min)

    • Destination Goals

    • Event Goals

    • Other Goals

    • Ecommerce Reports

    • Google Ads Reports

    • Search Console Reports

    • Funnel Reports

  • 6

    Finding Your Story in Google Analytics (1hr 7min)

    • Segmenting Your Way to Success

    • The Truth Is The Trend...

    • The Q.I.A. Model

    • Exploring A.C.E. Goals

  • 7

    Wrap Up & Resources (6min)

    • Wrap Up & Resources

    • Additional Resources & Links

  • 8

    Certification Exam

    • Google Analytics for Nonprofits - Certification Exam

Learn to Use Google Analytics to Grow Your Nonprofit Fundraising and Marketing!

Purchase the course to earn your Google Analytics for Nonprofits certificate, and learn how to find new insights that can lead to major growth in your marketing performance and fundraising revenue.